As it looks now, the Android Pie update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will appear in February. Initially, the update would appear in January, but now it does not appear until 1 February at the earliest, according to the Turkish website of Samsung

Android Pie update for Galaxy Note 9

Initially the ] Android 9.0 Pie update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 scheduled for January, but as it looks now it will not appear until or after February 1st. That is at least read on the Turkish website from Samsung. Owners of the Note 9, among others, have been waiting for the Pie update for weeks, if not months. On the Turkish site is to read that the intention was that the update on January 15 would be released, but that date is therefore adjusted to February 1. The update comes then or after.

Despite this, it seems that Samsung has already prepared the full update. It may be that this postponement only applies to the Turkish market. Beta testers in Germany have already received a full version of Android Pie for their Galaxy Note 9 and it is not known why Samsung is still waiting to release. Furthermore, it appears that the Pie update is only 95 MB, but we can imagine that by Android 8.1 users much more data should be downloaded than the people who participated in the beta period.

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