Android CEO Dave Burke announced Wednesday support for foldable smartphones. Developers can use a feature that allows apps to adapt to a new screen size. Burke says that Google is adjusting its mobile operating system “to take advantage of this new form.”

Existing Android feature

Google assigns developers to the existing 'screen continuity' feature. This technique is used by Android apps to adapt apps to different screen sizes. This happens, for example, when a telephone is turned into a lying position.

Android makes it 'as simple as possible'

Google says with Android to investigate “different ways” to make foldable phones easy to use. More information will be published later on. For developers, it is made 'as simple as possible' to customize apps for the new screens.

Foldable smartphones

Several smartphone manufacturers are reportedly working on a folding smartphone, including Samsung, LG and Huawei. When folded, such a phone can be used as a small tablet. Earlier LG also announced the first foldable smartphone. The smartphone maker is planning to present his foldable phone next January. LG wants to show its first foldable phone during the keynote of the CES technology fair, wrote the usually trusty Evan Blass on Twitter.

In addition, Huawei is working on a folding smartphone, confirmed director Richard Yu this month. The phone would already be in production. Lenovo and LG Display are also working on a 13 inch tablet with a foldable screen. When the tablet is folded, the screen measures 8 to 9 inches, depending on the dimensions.