The American government has announced the plan to invest more in the future in artificial intelligence (AI), or artificial intelligence.

Documents artificial intelligence

A government official said this to the Reuters news agency. President Donald Trump will sign the documents for the initiative on Monday. With this, government agencies are asked to invest more money in researching, training and promoting artificial intelligence .

American AI Initiative

The American AI Initiative must give research organizations that develop artificial intelligence access to more government data that can be loaded into AI software. Staff must also be prepared for the introduction of artificial intelligence and how this can change the work situation. It is not yet known how much money will be invested in the initiative.

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Artificial intelligence at CES 2019

More and more companies and organizations are investing in artificial intelligence. At CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Bosch presents its latest achievements: from a shuttle concept that opens up new perspectives in terms of mobility, and smart, self-learning lawn mowers to a connected refrigerator that provides advice on food storage.