If we can believe the latest rumors, we can expect new Airpods and the Airpower charging mat this spring. The new wireless earplugs from Apple would feature a special coating for better grip.

New Airpods and Airpower appear in the spring – rumored

Allegedly, next Spring brings not only new Airpods, but also the long-awaited Airpower charging mat, let know Mysmartprice . The new wireless earplugs may have a better coating for more grip, as well as improved audio quality and a renewed design that is characterized by a better bass sound. In addition, the earplugs must also be available in the black color. The case of the Airpods would otherwise be provided with the same special coating.

In addition, there is also talk about the charging mat Airpower. This accessory should be thicker than initially thought. Apple would encourage users to buy the mat by promising exclusive features introduced with iOS 13 . However, it has not been announced what kind of functions are involved. The price of the charging mat is currently estimated at 149 dollars (131 euros excluding VAT), while the price of the earplugs is currently estimated at 199 dollars (176 euros, also without the VAT).

Apple has not responded to the ongoing rumors about both products.

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