Since 1967, the technology industry has been meeting at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) once a year. This has long been an event where new technologies are being exhibited, new products are announced and ideas are exchanged. An exciting five days for the tech world that we look forward to every year. CES 2019 will start today and this is what we expect from this edition:

The industry is ready for 5G

It has been figuratively in the air for a while, and when it comes to industry it literally hangs up in the air as quickly as possible: 5G. The new internet promises to be faster, more reliable and better than its predecessors 3G and 4G. In addition, 5G will open the door to simultaneous communication, offering opportunities that were first included in science fiction. Self-driving cars, smart homes and whole 'smart cities'; it suddenly comes a lot closer.

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The producers will therefore focus mainly on this future music during CES, we expect. However, a little attention will also be paid to the 'traditional' functions of wireless internet. Samsung and Huawei have already announced smartphones with the possibility of 5G, so this will not remain unmentioned.

Bendable screens

It is a recurring theme at tech fairs around the world: flexible screens. It is therefore a fairly safe prediction to say that during the CES 2019 we will again see enough flexible smartphones and rollable TVs. Where we were already impressed with curved screens a few years ago, we continue to long for more.

We keep our eyes focused on LG and Samsung. LG has already in 2018 all its rollable TVs to a private audience and there are rumored that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone.

Electric driving becomes mainstream

Politics The Hague is not the only one who is engaged in electric driving, the car manufacturers are also working hard on it. Although the CES is not a car exchange, we expect to see some new gadgets and technologies in the field of electric cars. A larger range, cheaper batteries and more accessible models; it is all possible.

Tension around Chinese manufacturers at CES 2019

In recent times enough has been written about Huawei and the suspicion they generate in Western countries. Unfortunately (for Huawei) the end is not yet in sight. Donald Trump does not seem willing to give up the trade war and the negative image that Huawei has received in 2018 will not disappear overnight.

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We expect that there will be some tension on the exhibition floor, especially around the stands of Huawei. Visitors and exhibitors will take a different look at the products of the Chinese manufacturer.

Augmented and virtual reality go further than games

Last wrote we would already be 2019 the year in which augmented and virtual reality would break through to the mainstream. If we look at the program of the CES 2019 that prediction seems to be confirmed. Not only will we talk about the application that AR and VR can have in entertainment, but attention will also be paid to business and professional applications.

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